Law / Career Opportunities & List of areas

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The legal industry is thriving and now is a great time to embark on a legal career. The delivery of legal services is a complex process that requires a team of skilled professionals to provide quality and cost-effective service. As a result, the legal field holds hundreds of legal career options encompassing a diverse range of skills, experience and education. Developments in the law and technology are also creating new legal career opportunities.
Below is a list of popular legal careers and law-related careers. While this list is not all-inclusive, it represents a broad sampling of the hundreds of legal career opportunities that exist in the legal industry.


Core Legal Careers
Careers in Legal & Administrative Support
Careers in Litigation Support
Careers in the Courtroom
Careers in Court Reporting
Careers in Legal Consulting
Careers in Legal Publishing
Careers in Legal Administration
Careers in the Courthouse
Careers in Legal Education
Careers in Intellectual Property
Careers in the Political System
Miscellaneous Legal Careers


List of areas of law:
The following is a list of major areas of legal practice and important legal subject-matters.
Administrative law
Admiralty law (or maritime law)
Advertising law
Agency law
Alcohol law
Alternative dispute resolution
Animal law
Antitrust law (or competition law)
Appellate practice
Art law (or art and culture law)
Aviation law
Banking law
Bankruptcy law (creditor debtor rights law or insolvency and reorganization law)
Biotechnology law
Bird law
Business law (or commercial law); also commercial litigation
Business organizations law (or companies law)
Class action litigation/Mass tort litigation
Communications law
Computer law
Conflict of law (or private international law)
Constitutional law
Construction law
Consumer law
Contract law
Copyright law
Corporate law (or company law), also corporate compliance law and corporate governance law
Criminal law
Cryptography law
Cultural property law
Custom (law)
Cyber law
Derivatives and futures law
Drug control law
Elder law
Employee benefits law (ERISA)
Employment law
Energy law
Entertainment law
Environmental law
Equipment finance law
Family law
FDA law
Financial services regulation law
Firearm law
Food law
Franchise law
Gaming law
Health law
Health and safety law
Health care law
Immigration law
Insurance law
Intellectual property law
International law
International trade and finance law
Internet law
Labor law (or Labour law)
Land use & zoning law
Martial law
Media law
Mergers & acquisitions law
Military law
Mining law
Juvenile law
Music law
Mutual funds law
Nationality law
Native American law
Obscenity law
Oil & gas law
Parliamentary law
Patent law
Poverty law
Privacy law
Private equity law
Private funds law / Hedge funds law
Procedural law
Product liability litigation
Property law
Public health law
Railroad law
Real estate law
Securities law / Capital markets law
Social Security disability law
Space law
Sports law
Statutory law
Tax law
Technology law
Timber law
Tort law
Trademark law
Transport law / Transportation law
Trusts & estates law
Utilities Regulation
Venture capital law
Water law